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Leather Care 

In order to maximize the life of your leather products, we recommend that the leather is kept dry at all times and that an occasional application of wax polish is made. Keep away from direct heat and also best kept out of direct sunlight.

Care tips

Body oils, dirt and perspiration in high wear areas can migrate through the top coat and cause the treatment coats underneath to separate from the leather surface. The proper care and attention to leather can increase its life. Tips to increase the longevity of your leather are as follows:

  • Keep the leather pores free from dust particles. Wipe the leather weekly or monthly depending on how often it is used. Use a cloth dampened with distilled or purified water to avoid leaving lime scale residue, and dry with a soft cloth. (Not recommended for Nubuck leather)

  • Don’t place leather near a source of heat or in direct sunlight. It may dry out or fade over time.

  • Don’t use saddle soaps, oils, abrasive cleaners, soaps, furniture polish, varnish, solvents and silicones or ammonia water on your leather. These vary widely in strength and in compatibility with leather finishes, and may cause cracking or other damage to the leather surface.

  • Never put adhesive stickers like name tags on leather or suede clothing as glue will permanently mark its surface. 

  • Avoid spraying hairspray or perfumes while wearing leather garment and never apply pins or adhesive materials to the garment as this will damage the hide's finish.

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