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Suede is generally the inner side of the hide or skin next to the meat of the animal, buffed to a smooth finish. Suede may also be split from a thick hide.

Split Grain Leather

This is the leather remaining after the top layer of a hide is split off for other uses. The lower layer of the hide is still very useful in making quality leather goods that will perform well for the user for a long time. Split leather goods will not show the natural markings of the hide. They usually undergo a surface and stain treatment to simulate the natural grain and the color of a top-grain leather. Many affordable and popular leather goods are made from split grain leather.

Corrected Grain

A less expensive type of leather that has been made by removing the top surface of leather that has defects. The hide is then embossed to re-create the natural grain. Usually heavily pigmented.


Full top-grain leathers aniline dyed and finished with special oils or waxes to add unique softness and color inconsistency with age.

Patent Leather

Leather with a finish which is mirror-like, flexible and waterproof.

Bonded Leather

This leather is a composite of leather dust and particles, and glue to form sheets resembling leather. These are grounded, pulverized or shredded leather and thus is not wholly the hide of an animal.

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