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Released: July 01, 2007


GNN International launches a revamped website with renewed focus on custom leather goods.


Colorado Springs, CO (July 01, 2007) - GNN International, a custom leather solutions provider, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website at www.gnnusa.com reflecting company's renewed focus on providing competitive custom leather solutions to it's customers around the world.

With a new shorter URL and a major makeover, the website promises to deliver extensive information on company products and services while making it visually exciting and considerably easier to navigate. keeping in mind the different needs of potential customers, the product information contained on the website has now been streamlined and classified in order for the visitors to find information of their interest easily. The overhaul has placed particular attention to providing transparent information about the company and its products and services.

"With the revamped web site, GNN is renewing its commitment as a competitive global custom leather solutions provider, and creating a distinguished image to accompany the expert services we provide to our clients around the world," said Dhiren Nautiyal, President of GNN’s North American Operations.

GNN is a privately owned premium leather goods manufacturer based out of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India. Company’s primary focus is on helping its corporate customers in designing, consulting, and manufacturing custom leather solutions to suit their specific business needs.

To access the new GNN website, please visit: http://www.gnnusa.com



Released: May 20, 2002


GNN International debuts in North America with a new sales office in Colorado


Colorado Springs, CO (May 20, 2002) -- In line with its aggressive global expansion strategy, GNN International (India), a premier custom leather solutions provider has announced the opening of its new sales office in Colorado Springs, CO. This expansion follows the company's successful offering of high quality leather solutions to North America through a network of importers. New office will serve company’s customers across United States and Canada.


“We are very excited about the opportunities in the North American market and recognize the importance of having an office in USA with local dedicated team to support our customers. With our trusted leather expertise and now a sales office in Colorado, we are all geared to respond quickly to a need of our customers for a custom leather solution. We plan to aggressively market our products and services across USA and Canada to support our strategic objectives”, says Dhiren Nautiyal, President of GNN’s North American Operations.


He goes on to comment on company’s products and services, “though we have an extensive range of ready-made items to choose from, our strength lies in working closely with our corporate clients to design into their product mix profitable complementary accessories or integrated units that will meet or exceed exacting specifications for any size project. Our dedicated manufacturing facility employs an efficient team to handle every aspect of the manufacturing process, from prototyping to shipment.”


GNN International manufactures high quality leather products in its manufacturing facility in India. Company’s primary focus is on helping its corporate customers in designing, consulting, and manufacturing custom leather solutions to suit their specific business needs.


Speaking from his Indian office Mukesh Awasthi, Vice-President-Manufacturing stated, “When it comes to the sourcing of raw material, we have well established relationships with tanneries in India and abroad for the prompt and efficient sourcing of raw material. We are able to provide our products made of leather from multiple origins allowing our customers the freedom to choose the best products to meet their specific needs. Be it a small handcrafted leather wallet or more complex leather design of your own, we have trusted expertise to deliver your leather solution cost efficiently and just the way you meant it to be.”


GNN International plans to attend various industry trade shows across United States in coming months to create awareness for its value based products and services.


For more information on products and services offered by GNN International, visit their website at http://www.gnninternational.com or contact:


GNN International

6071 Rifle Gap Way

Colorado Springs, CO 80922 USA

Phone: (719) 570-0835 Fax: (309) 273-6474

Website: www.gnninternational.com

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